Bin rental prices – learn about dumpster rates

Bin rental prices can vary all over the map, because companies have all kinds of service fees and extras.

We don’t. Here is our very simple formula for bin rental pricing. When you rent a bin from us at Purple Dumpster:bin rental prices

Bin rental prices

  • $177 for the dumpster for one week
  • You are also billed your first ton at $85
  • Weight rates are $95/ton thereafter
  • We pro-rate for partial tons.
  • Add HST
  • That’s it!

At Purple Dumpster, our bin rental rates are the same for all our GTA service areas

Some GTA bin rental companies will assess low upfront costs but add all kinds of hidden fees later on that are outlined in the contract in the small print, but not obvious until the bill is presented. Most decent companies don’t charge these fees, however be aware they could appear on your bill. They can include:

  • Pick up fees
  • Drop off fees
  • Weekend surcharges
  • After hours surcharges
  • Clean-out fees
  • Seasonal surcharges
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Dumping surcharges
  • Labor charges

Call us by phone or send an email for further pricing questions or get info on cost for your area

In most cases all our dumpster bin rental rates are the same. If you are outside of our declared service areas, we will still service you, however we may quote an extra fee for distance. But be sure to call us first to find out. We do everything to keep our prices as affordable as possible.
Our dumpster bin rental experts are ready to answer your questions so reach us by calling 905-769-0387 or email our Purple Dumpster staff.