Dumpster rental for spring clean-up: 10 imaginative ideas

Dumpster rental for spring clean-upA spring dumpster rental in Toronto and all points west including Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville is a great way to say goodbye to the winter It’s an ideal way to get rid of winter debris and start to clean up the yard in preparation for the summer.

Here are 10 ideas how to use a dumpster rental as a handy tool to get your garbage out and your tidy home ready for summer.

1) A rented dumpster can be filled with winter debris, whether than be fallen branches, ice damaged materials (old eavestroughs or broken sheds, etc) or last year’s leaves

2) You garage or basement may be full of junk from the fall and winter season. Clean it out and fill a rented dumpster.

3) Team up with a neighbor and share the cost if you both have some materials to dispose of. Have the dumpster placed between the two houses and share the cost of the weekly rental.

4) Dump old patio furniture, bikes, furniture and other clutter that may not be fixable.

5) Use a dumpster rental to get rid of materials that the city will not take away in volume.

6) Some refer to it as a “bin rental”, but you can equally use “dumpster” as its a purple painted metal container that is dropped off and picked up by our professional and courteous staff using a truck.

7) Some people initiate construction in the spring or start renovations as the snow melts. Or they have been doing that over the winter and have construction materials and demolition debris to get rid of.

8) We’ve seen uses for a dumpster rental as varied as horse manure or soil hauling! What you dispose of in your bin rental is up to your needs and imagination.

9) You children could provide a neighborhood service and raise money for a good cause by inviting neighbors to place unwanted junk or their own debris or garbage items in your dumpster to help the whole street get organized for spring.

10) De-cluttering feels good in the spring after all the snow and cold temperatures! Bring on a tidy and clutter-free summer!

If you would like to find out more about ideas for dumpster rentals for a post winter / spring cleanup. Call our friendly staff and we would be pleased to answer any questions or book your dumpster rental for spring clean up and get started today.

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