Fall dumpster rental tips

Where to look for junk and debris in your home

With the summer quickly coming to a close (or perhaps by the time you read this it’s already done) you might be thinking about preparing for the cold weather. Shedding the summer junk and getting ready for a tidy fall can be very therapeutic. So here is a few tips to consider in your fall clean-up project. You will need to start with a fall bin rental, which we can help you with at Purple Dumpster. Once you have it booked, start reviewing the problem areas in your home and figure out what is going to be junked. Here are a few places to look:

1. Chances are if you have children they have been busy in the yard this summer, so there could be junk that could be discarded. That could be an old above ground swimming pool. Or a rusty swingset. Or perhaps broken bicycles as well as junk you might find in the shed. Identify the large pieces and break them down with a hack saw so they are ready for disposal in a rented dumpster.

2. Check your shed. A lot of gardening materials get pushed into the shed over the summer, so you’ll want to review the contents and chuck away junk that won’t be needed.

3. Your spring cleaning this year may have resulted in a basement full of junk so check out that area and target unwanted items for the dumpster.

4. Stage a junk pile in your yard or garage. Make sure any sharp objects are filled down. Keep children and pets away from it until the day comes when your dumpster is delivered.

5. If you have an attic, you might want to poke around and see what’s there.

6. Old construction materials can be hiding all over the house. Old pieces of lumber. Rolls of old wallpaper. Drywall pieces. Discarded bricks and old bags of cement. All these can go in your dumpster rental.

7. Be sure to give away good junk to your local charity or Goodwill store.  Everything lelse can go into the disposal bin you get from us.

8. Closets and shelves often hide old boxes of useless junk, so got to the areas of your house where you might keep these and ferret them out for the bin.

9.  Yard waste is also ideal for your garbage dumpster. If you have piled garden waste somewhere, it can be loaded into your rented bin this fall.

10. Finally check the trunk of your car. It’s surprising what shows up there and never gets taken out. If it’s been there for a while and there’s no place for it at home and it has no value then target it for the dumpster.

All these areas of your home are likely to have lots of junk you can free yourself of. Make this fall clutter free. Call us for any advice. If you need a hand we can also send some man power to help you load the dumpster too.

You can reach Purple Dumpster at (905) 299-1024.