How to reduce clutter in your home

It's easy to declutter your homeHere are ten easy ways to reduce clutter in your world. It’s not that hard. It just takes a commitment to be clutter free. This article explains how to reduce clutter in your home.

1. Don’t keep it because you’re emotionally attached to it

If it’s sentimental but not useful, take a picture, showcase it in a beautiful frame and get rid of it! You and others can actually admire it on a daily basis rather than keeping the item tucked away in a closet.

2. Donate to worthy causes

Keep a giveaway box at all times and then find a donation centre to use. Goodwill in the Toronto and GTA area is a good cause.

3. Sell items you don’t need online

Sell extra stuff you don’t need on (free) or on or and make some extra money while you are at it!

4. Don’t go shopping until you have room

Make a rule that before you go to the mall or a store you have to get rid of an item you already have. If you are straight about it, most purchases are probably unnecessary. If you need something, ditch something first. Make room for new stuff!

How to reduce clutter5. Use what you’ve got

Instead of buying new home decor, consider moving your furniture, knickknacks, blankets, etc. to a new location in your house. Use a fresh coat of paint to bring a new look to old furniture. Be creative. Sometimes a new arrangement can completely freshen the look of a home.

6. Adopt a “trial period”

Consider what you keep around “just in case”. You likely don’t need, want, or love any of those items. If there’s something you’re unsure about getting rid of, store it in a special place for 90 days. If you haven’t needed it get rid of it.

7. Maintain a handy gift list for others

When you know you are going to get gifts (Holidays, birthdays, etc) be sure that items you receive are useful to you. Keep a list of gifts you need. Or ask for experiences (trip to the aquarium, dinner out, etc) or gift cards or if it is not too impolite: cash.

8. See your stuff through someone else’s eyes

Ask a friend or family member to come over and ask them to look around and notice what stands out and doesn’t look great in your various rooms. Ask them to be honest and then follow the advice. Be courageous!

9. Adjust your attitude

Volunteer and work with people who have less and get a sense of how they manage with what they’ve got. Or visit a third world country. When you see how some people live with much less you can be inspired to do the same.

Call Purple Dumpster and rent a bin

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