Junk, debris or garbage you can load into a rented disposal bin

What can i load into a bin

What junk, debris or garbage can I load?

You can disposal of almost any junk, debris or garbage into your the disposal bin that you rent from Purple Dumpster. We have provided a list below. And below that we have also provided a do not load list as well, as there are some limitations due to environmental laws that limit some materials that can be deposited into landfill. We do our best to recycle any of the items that you provide and limit what goes into landfill as much as possible.

Ok To Load: Allowable junk, debris and materials you can load for disposal in our bins

Here is a list of allowable junk and materials you can load for disposal.

  • Appliances: Stove, washers and dryers and microwaves. Important: You can dispose of freezers and refrigerators, air conditioning units only if the freon in them is previously drained.
  • Furniture: This includes includes beds and mattresses, bed frames, and bedding. Sofas/couches. Chairs, tables, lamps, carpeting and area rugs, lighting and light fixtures, nightstands, mattresses, clothes, rags and fabric like drapes.
  • Toys and Bikes: Bicycles, tricycles, children’s toys,
  • Inorganic Garden: Lawn tools and junked implements, old metal equipment (excluding car parts), mowers, small electric tools.
  • Organic Garden: Lawn clippings and garden debris including, leaves, tree limbs, stumps, rocks, (excludes soil and sod)
  • Construction, renovation and building materials: Lumber, demolition debris, roof tiles, drywall, metal work, tiles,

Do Not Load: Junk and garbage that is on the do not load list for bin rentals

Do not load these items into your dumpsterSince the junk, garbage and debris in your disposal dumpster will be deposited in a landfill (after we sort for recyclables) you can’t throw anything in the bin that might be harmful to the environment or our workers while in transit

Please refer to our do not load list page for additional info (and alternate disposal resources) and review the convenient list we have provided below, so that we don’t run into any potential issues on your bin removal pickup day.

If you are in doubt, please do contact us to discuss what you would like to load into the bin. Checking with us is part of our service to ensure you have a great experience.

Do not load any of the following…

  • Appliances containing freon (fridges, freezers or AC units) unless drained
  • Tires of any kind
  • Car parts
  • Chemicals of any kind
  • Concrete, cement, brick or stone
  • Topsoil
  • Sod
  • Gas cans
  • Paint or empty paint cans
  • Propane tanks

Any debris of great weight is not allowed mainly because it would stress/break our equipment if it’s too heavy, and definitely increase your final dump ticket weight!

Just about everything else is fine.

We ask you to follow these important rules for the safety of our  staff drivers, our depot workers and the environment.

If you are at all unsure, it pays to ask us. Please call us to discuss at 905-769-0387 . You can also email us at purpledumpster@gmail.com

A list of junk, debris, materials and garbage that you can load into our dumpster bins. Also a list of items that are prohibited by law. Please review these list to make your junk removal or cleanup project go smoothly.