Tips to eliminate waste so you can cut down on clutter

Recycle, reduce, reuseWe’re always on the look out for ways to reduce clutter and we were impressed the following 10 ways to reduce clutter and garbage. You just need to take some simple steps.
Here’s the tips to eliminate waste so you can cut down on clutter

1. When you head out to go grocery shopping, carry along reusable fabric bags or large plastic bins to transport the items you buy

2. Choose products that have returnable containers or reuse or refill them.

3. Avoid single wrapped food like some snack products. It’s a good idea to skip single-serving packaging if possible. Always buy in bulk to reduce unnecessary packaging.

4. Be aware of double-packages. Some bulk packages are just individually wrapped items bound together

5. Choose cleaning products like dish soap and laundry detergent in concentrate form to cut down on plastic container packaging.

6. Use composting to eliminate food scraps and garden waste. This waste makes up to 11 percent of garbage thrown away by some cities.

7. Call the Canadian marketing Association to cut back on unwanted mail you receive. You can ask to be on a list for three years to cancel junk mail at your home or business.

8. Shop at second-hand stores. Good used and unused clothes are plentiful and affordable. It is great for you and for the environment.

9. Choose products made with recycled material, and use and reuse them as much as possible. e.g. Use both sides of the paper in a notebook before using the next fresh notebook.

10. Buying in bulk will save you cash and also reduce waste. Did you know packaging makes up 30% of the weight and 50% of garbage by volume?